Hypothalamic Hormones

Peptide hormones produced by NEURONS of various regions in the HYPOTHALAMUS. They are released into the pituitary portal circulation to stimulate or inhibit PITUITARY GLAND functions. VASOPRESSIN and OXYTOCIN, though produced in the hypothalamus, are not included here for they are transported down the AXONS to the POSTERIOR LOBE OF PITUITARY before being released into the portal circulation.
Also Known As:
Hypothalamic Pituitary-Regulating Hormones; Hypothalamic Pituitary-Regulating Peptides; Hormones, Hypothalamic; Hormones, Hypothalamic Pituitary-Regulating; Hypothalamic Pituitary Regulating Hormones; Hypothalamic Pituitary Regulating Peptides; Peptides, Hypothalamic Pituitary-Regulating; Pituitary-Regulating Hormones, Hypothalamic; Pituitary-Regulating Peptides, Hypothalamic
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03/01/1994 - "While multiple lines of evidence suggest an intrinsic somatic cell defect in adenoma formation, the role of hypothalamic hormones in pituitary tumorigenesis remains unclear. "
10/01/1985 - "During the postoperative observation period, their basal growth hormone levels remained normal as did their responses to provocation with hypothalamic hormones, confirming that the adenoma had been completely resected. "
08/01/2009 - "This finding indicates that the endogenous expression of hypothalamic hormones and their receptors in human pituitary adenoma cells has ample significance in the autocrine or paracrine regulation of pituitary hormone production and tumor extension induced by hypothalamic hormones produced by adenoma cells. "
11/01/1990 - "The coproduction of the unusual combination of two hormones such as GH and alpha-subunit in a single-type of adenoma cell and the coexistence of thyrotrophs and somatotrophs in one pituitary adenoma along with the aberrant responses of TSH beta, alpha-subunit, and GH to multiple hypothalamic hormones suggest the dedifferentiation of pituitary cells to multipotential progenitor cells by neoplastic transformation."
09/01/2004 - "Twenty-one consecutive patients with a unilateral incidentaloma, the biochemical features of subclinical cortisol hypersecretion and/or the scintigraphic features of an autonomously functioning adrenal adenoma were investigated for plasma cortisol responses to various stimuli: upright posture, meal, combined hypothalamic-hormones, the vasopressin analogue terlipressin, glucagon, angiotensin II, the serotonin 5-HT4 agonist cisapride, and ACTH. "

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