HLA-D Antigens

Human immune-response or Class II antigens found mainly, but not exclusively, on B-lymphocytes and produced from genes of the HLA-D locus. They are extremely polymorphic families of glycopeptides, each consisting of two chains, alpha and beta. This group of antigens includes the -DR, -DQ and -DP designations, of which HLA-DR is most studied; some of these glycoproteins are associated with certain diseases, possibly of immune etiology.
Also Known As:
HLA-D; HLA-Dw; Immune Response Associated Antigens, Human; Antigens, HLA D; Antigens, HLA-Dw; Antigens, Human Ia-Like; Antigens, Human Immune-Associated; Antigens, Human Immune-Response; HLA D Antigens; HLA Dw Antigens; Human Ia-Like Antigens; Human Immune-Associated Antigens; Human Immune-Response Antigens; Ia Like Antigens, Human; Immune Associated Antigens, Human; Immune Response Antigens, Human; Antigens, HLA-D; Class II Human Antigens; HLA-Dw Antigens; Human Class II Antigens; Ia-Like Antigens, Human; Immune Response-Associated Antigens, Human; Immune-Associated Antigens, Human; Immune-Response Antigens, Human
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