Cranial Epidural Hematoma

Accumulation of blood in the EPIDURAL SPACE between the SKULL and the DURA MATER, often as a result of bleeding from the MENINGEAL ARTERIES associated with a temporal or parietal bone fracture. Epidural hematoma tends to expand rapidly, compressing the dura and underlying brain. Clinical features may include HEADACHE; VOMITING; HEMIPARESIS; and impaired mental function.
Also Known As:
Hematoma, Epidural, Cranial; Epidural Hemorrhage, Cranial; Extradural Hematoma, Cranial; Extradural Hemorrhage, Cranial; Hematoma, Epidural, Intracranial; Intracranial Epidural Hematoma; Cranial Epidural Hematomas; Cranial Epidural Hemorrhage; Cranial Epidural Hemorrhages; Cranial Extradural Hematoma; Cranial Extradural Hematomas; Cranial Extradural Hemorrhage; Cranial Extradural Hemorrhages; Epidural Hematoma, Cranial; Epidural Hematoma, Intracranial; Epidural Hematomas, Cranial; Epidural Hematomas, Intracranial; Epidural Hemorrhages, Cranial; Extradural Hematomas, Cranial; Extradural Hemorrhages, Cranial; Hematoma, Cranial Epidural; Hematoma, Cranial Extradural; Hematoma, Intracranial Epidural; Hematomas, Cranial Epidural; Hematomas, Cranial Extradural; Hematomas, Intracranial Epidural; Hemorrhage, Cranial Extradural; Hemorrhages, Cranial Epidural; Hemorrhages, Cranial Extradural; Intracranial Epidural Hematomas; Hemorrhage, Cranial Epidural
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Therapies and Procedures

1. Renal Dialysis (Hemodialysis)
2. Diskectomy (Discectomy)
3. Anesthesia