Facial Nerve Diseases (Facial Nerve Disorders)

Diseases of the facial nerve or nuclei. Pontine disorders may affect the facial nuclei or nerve fascicle. The nerve may be involved intracranially, along its course through the petrous portion of the temporal bone, or along its extracranial course. Clinical manifestations include facial muscle weakness, loss of taste from the anterior tongue, hyperacusis, and decreased lacrimation.
Also Known As:
Facial Nerve Disorders; Facial Myokymia; Geniculate Ganglionitis; Cranial Nerve VII Disorders; Facial Nerve Motor Disorders; Facial Nerve Sensory Disorders; Facial Neuritis; Familial Facial Neuropathy; Motor Disorders, Facial Nerve; Sensory Disorders, Facial Nerve; Seventh Cranial Nerve Diseases; Acquired Facial Neuropathies; Disease, Facial Nerve; Diseases, Facial Nerve; Disorder, Facial Nerve; Disorders, Facial Nerve; Facial Myokymias; Facial Nerve Disease; Facial Nerve Disorder; Facial Neuritides; Facial Neuropathies; Facial Neuropathies, Acquired; Facial Neuropathies, Familial; Facial Neuropathy, Acquired; Facial Neuropathy, Familial; Familial Facial Neuropathies; Ganglionitides, Geniculate; Ganglionitis, Geniculate; Geniculate Ganglionitides; Myokymia, Facial; Myokymias, Facial; Neuritides, Facial; Neuritis, Facial; Neuropathies, Facial; Neuropathies, Familial Facial; Neuropathy, Facial; Neuropathy, Familial Facial; Acquired Facial Neuropathy; Cranial Nerve VII Diseases; Facial Neuropathy
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Drugs and Biologics

Drugs and Important Biological Agents (IBA) related to Facial Nerve Diseases:
1. Anti-Bacterial Agents (Antibiotics)IBA
2. Kainic Acid (Kainate)IBA
3. Hydrocortisone (Cortisol)FDA LinkGeneric
4. onabotulinumtoxinA (Botox)FDA Link
5. Botulinum Toxins (Botulinum Toxin)IBA
6. tebufenozide (Mimic)IBA
7. Carbamazepine (Tegretol)FDA LinkGeneric
8. Adenylate Cyclase (Adenylyl Cyclase)IBA
9. Procaine (Novocaine)FDA LinkGeneric
10. Prednisolone (Predate)FDA LinkGeneric

Therapies and Procedures

1. Hyperbaric Oxygenation
2. Injections
3. Phonophoresis
4. Aftercare (After-Treatment)
5. Moxibustion