Generalized Epilepsy

Recurrent conditions characterized by epileptic seizures which arise diffusely and simultaneously from both hemispheres of the brain. Classification is generally based upon motor manifestations of the seizure (e.g., convulsive, nonconvulsive, akinetic, atonic, etc.) or etiology (e.g., idiopathic, cryptogenic, and symptomatic). (From Mayo Clin Proc, 1996 Apr;71(4):405-14)
Also Known As:
Epilepsy, Generalized; Convulsive Seizure Disorder, Generalized; Epilepsy, Akinetic; Epilepsy, Atonic; Generalized Convulsive Epilepsy; Generalized Nonconvulsive Epilepsy; Generalized Onset Seizure Disorder; Generalized Seizure Disorder, Convulsive; Generalized Seizure Disorder, Nonconvulsive; Nonconvulsive Generalized Seizure Disorder; Nonconvulsive Seizure Disorder, Generalized; Seizure Disorder, Convulsive, Generalized; Seizure Disorder, Generalized Nonconvulsive; Seizure Disorder, Generalized Onset; Seizure Disorder, Generalized, Convulsive; Seizure Disorder, Nonconvulsive Generalized; Symptomatic Generalized Epilepsy; Akinetic Epilepsies; Akinetic Epilepsy; Atonic Epilepsies; Atonic Epilepsy; Convulsive Epilepsies, Generalized; Convulsive Epilepsy, Generalized; Epilepsies, Akinetic; Epilepsies, Atonic; Epilepsies, Generalized; Epilepsies, Generalized Convulsive; Epilepsies, Tonic; Epilepsy, Generalized Convulsive; Epilepsy, Generalized Nonconvulsive; Epilepsy, Symptomatic Generalized; Generalized Convulsive Epilepsies; Generalized Epilepsies; Generalized Epilepsy, Symptomatic; Generalized Seizure Disorder; Generalized Seizure Disorders; Nonconvulsive Epilepsy, Generalized; Seizure Disorders, Generalized; Tonic Epilepsies; Tonic Epilepsy; Convulsive Generalized Seizure Disorder; Epilepsy, Tonic; Generalized Nonconvulsive Seizure Disorder; Seizure Disorder, Generalized
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Drugs and Biologics

Drugs and Important Biological Agents (IBA) related to Generalized Epilepsy:
1. Lennox-Gastaut type Epileptic encephalopathyIBA
2. lamotrigine (Lamictal)FDA LinkGeneric
3. Valproic Acid (Valproate, Semisodium)FDA LinkGeneric
4. Anticonvulsants (Antiepileptic Drugs)IBA
5. topiramate (Topamax)FDA LinkGeneric
6. Immunoglobulin E (IgE)IBA
7. zonisamide (Zonegran)FDA LinkGeneric
8. etiracetam (levetiracetam)FDA LinkGeneric
9. Carbamazepine (Tegretol)FDA LinkGeneric
10. lacosamideFDA Link

Therapies and Procedures

1. Ketogenic Diet
2. Carbohydrate-Restricted Diet (Low Carbohydrate Diet)
3. Deep Brain Stimulation
4. Vagus Nerve Stimulation
5. Palliative Care (Palliative Medicine)