Electrodes (Electrode)

Electric conductors through which electric currents enter or leave a medium, whether it be an electrolytic solution, solid, molten mass, gas, or vacuum.
Also Known As:
Electrode; Anode; Cathodes; Anodes; Cathode
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Related Diseases

1. Neoplasms (Cancer)
11/12/2010 - "This much improved sensitivity of the MPGF modified electrode demonstrates the potential for the fabrication of a highly sensitive and low-cost cell-based chip for rapid cancer detection."
01/01/2007 - "Our best results were obtained using plate electrodes to deliver across the tumor 80 pulses of 100 micros at 0.3 Hz with an electrical field magnitude of 2500 V/cm. These conditions induced complete regression in 12 out of 13 treated tumors, (92%), in the absence of tissue heating. "
08/01/2011 - "Technical development of the electrode design, improved ablation algorithms, and simplification of the exact electrode placement by new real-time fusion techniques of pre-interventional CT or MRT images with intra-interventional ultrasound have the potential to reduce the variable and sometimes high rate of local tumor recurrence. "
05/28/2014 - "It is found that such ss-TLS1c/ds-TLS11a dual-modified GCEs show greatly improved sensitivity in comparison with those modified with a single type of aptamer alone or ds-TLS1c/ds-TLS11a with both rigid linkers, suggesting that our optimized, rationally designed electrode-aptamer biosensing interface may enable better recognition and thus more sensitive detection of tumor cells. "
01/21/2009 - "In summary, CE-3DUS is useful in the RFA of liver tumors with improved detection and display of occult lesions and recurrence, in the assessment of lesional geometry and orientation for a more accurate planning and guidance of multiple RFA needle electrodes in large tumors and in the evaluation of residual or recurrent disease within the immediate and/or subsequent follow-up periods."
2. Seizures (Seizure)
07/01/2010 - "Noninvasive electrical stimulation does not require the risks of implantation, and the electrodes can be moved easily as needed to determine where they may be the most effective in reducing seizure activity. "
08/01/1996 - "We have found intracerebral electrode placement to be as safe as subdural strip electrode placement and have found combined depth and strip electrode monitoring to be highly effective in localizing the onset zones of complex partial seizures. "
12/01/1991 - "Among these recent observations are findings that (1) generalized seizures that are "adequate" by conventional duration criteria may be produced reliably, yet lack therapeutic properties; (2) the degree to which stimulus intensity exceeds seizure threshold is critical in determining the efficacy of unilateral ECT and also the speed of response with both unilateral and bilateral ECT; (3) the degree to which electrical dose exceeds seizure threshold, not the absolute dose administered, determines dosing effects on clinical outcome and on the magnitude of cognitive deficits; (4) there is marked variability among patients in their seizure thresholds that is related reliably to patient characteristics (sex, age) and treatment factors (electrode placement); and (5) seizure duration alone should not serve as a marker of the adequacy of treatment--there are complex relations between stimulus dosing and seizure duration, with the likelihood that substantially suprathreshold stimulation may result in shorter durations particularly early in the treatment course."
02/01/2011 - "Patients with extratemporal, nonlesional seizures are viable candidates for invasive monitoring with grid/strip electrodes, and good outcomes can be obtained with resective surgery. "
02/01/2007 - "Implantation of electrodes in the ANT and subsequent stimulation is associated with a significant reduction in seizure frequency. "
3. Pain (Aches)
4. Parkinson Disease (Parkinson's Disease)
5. Epilepsy (Aura)

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