Acquired Dyslexia

A receptive visual aphasia characterized by the loss of a previously possessed ability to comprehend the meaning or significance of handwritten words, despite intact vision. This condition may be associated with posterior cerebral artery infarction (INFARCTION, POSTERIOR CEREBRAL ARTERY) and other BRAIN DISEASES.
Also Known As:
Dyslexia, Acquired; Acquired Global Dyslexia; Acquired Spelling Dyslexia; Acquired Alexia; Acquired Reading Disabilities; Acquired Reading Disability; Acquired Word Blindness; Acquired Word Blindnesses; Blindness, Acquired Word; Blindnesses, Acquired Word; Disabilities, Acquired Reading; Disability, Acquired Reading; Dyslexia, Acquired Global; Dyslexia, Acquired Spelling; Global Dyslexia, Acquired; Reading Disabilities, Acquired; Spelling Dyslexia, Acquired; Word Blindnesses, Acquired; Alexia, Acquired; Reading Disability, Acquired; Word Blindness, Acquired
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