Dolichol Monophosphate Mannose

A lipophilic glycosyl carrier of the monosaccharide mannose in the biosynthesis of oligosaccharide phospholipids and glycoproteins.
Also Known As:
D-Mannopyranosyldolichyl; Dolicholphosphate Mannose; Dolichyl Alpha-D-Mannopyranosyl Phosphate; Alpha-D-Mannopyranosyl Phosphate, Dolichyl; D Mannopyranosyldolichyl; Dolichol, Mannosyl Phosphoryl; Dolichyl Alpha D Mannopyranosyl Phosphate; Mannopyranosyl Phosphate, Dolichyl; Mannose, Dolichol Monophosphate; Mannose, Dolicholphosphate; Mannosyl Phosphate, Dolichyl; Monophosphate Mannose, Dolichol; Phosphate, Dolichyl Alpha-D-Mannopyranosyl; Phosphate, Dolichyl Mannopyranosyl; Phosphate, Dolichyl Mannosyl; Phosphoryl Dolichol, Mannosyl; Dolichyl Mannopyranosyl Phosphate; Dolichyl Mannosyl Phosphate; Mannolipid; Mannosyl Phosphoryl Dolichol; beta-D-Mannopyranose, 1-ester with dolichol dihydrogen phosphate
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