A plant genus of the family RUTACEAE. They bear the familiar citrus fruits including oranges, grapefruit, lemons, and limes. There are many hybrids which makes the nomenclature confusing.
Also Known As:
Citrus Fruit; Citrus aurantium; Citrus bergamia; Citrus grandis; Citrus hystrix; Citrus limon; Citrus maxima; Citrus medica; Citrus reticulata; Kaffir Lime; Bitter Orange Tree; Bitter Orange Trees; Citron Trees; Citrus Fruits; Citrus aurantiums; Citrus bergamias; Citrus grandi; Citrus hystrices; Citrus limons; Citrus maximas; Citrus medicas; Citrus reticulatas; Fruits, Citrus; Kaffir Limes; Lemon Trees; Lime, Kaffir; Limes, Kaffir; Mandarin Orange Tree; Mandarin Orange Trees; Orange Trees, Bitter; Orange Trees, Mandarin; Orange Trees, Seville; Orange Trees, Sour; Pomelo Trees; Pummelo Trees; Seville Orange Tree; Seville Orange Trees; Sour Orange Tree; Sour Orange Trees; Tangerine Trees; Tree, Bitter Orange; Tree, Citron; Tree, Lemon; Tree, Mandarin Orange; Tree, Pomelo; Tree, Pummelo; Tree, Seville Orange; Tree, Sour Orange; Tree, Tangerine; Trees, Bitter Orange; Trees, Citron; Trees, Lemon; Trees, Mandarin Orange; Trees, Pomelo; Trees, Pummelo; Trees, Seville Orange; Trees, Sour Orange; Trees, Tangerine; aurantium, Citrus; aurantiums, Citrus; bergamia, Citrus; bergamias, Citrus; grandi, Citrus; grandis, Citrus; hystrices, Citrus; hystrix, Citrus; limon, Citrus; limons, Citrus; maxima, Citrus; maximas, Citrus; medica, Citrus; medicas, Citrus; reticulata, Citrus; reticulatas, Citrus; Citron Tree; Fruit, Citrus; Lemon Tree; Orange Tree, Bitter; Orange Tree, Mandarin; Orange Tree, Seville; Orange Tree, Sour; Pomelo Tree; Pummelo Tree; Tangerine Tree
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