Choline Deficiency

A condition produced by a deficiency of CHOLINE in animals. Choline is known as a lipotropic agent because it has been shown to promote the transport of excess fat from the liver under certain conditions in laboratory animals. Combined deficiency of choline (included in the B vitamin complex) and all other methyl group donors causes liver cirrhosis in some animals. Unlike compounds normally considered as vitamins, choline does not serve as a cofactor in enzymatic reactions. (From Saunders Dictionary & Encyclopedia of Laboratory Medicine and Technology, 1984)
Also Known As:
Deficiency, Choline; Choline Deficiencies; Deficiencies, Choline
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Drugs and Biologics

Drugs and Important Biological Agents (IBA) related to Choline Deficiency:
1. Glucose (Dextrose)FDA LinkGeneric
2. Insulin (Novolin)FDA Link
3. Choline (Choline Chloride)IBA
01/01/2006 - "Experimental designs, major results, and statistical criteria are summarized in Tables 1-4. Based on our reading of the literature, the evidence suggests that choline supplementation during development results in improved performance of offspring in cognitive or behavioral tests, and in changes in a variety of neurological functional indicators: (1) enhanced performance was observed, particularly on more difficult tasks; (2) increases (choline supplementation) or decreases (choline deficiency) were observed in electrophysiological responsiveness and size of neurons in offspring; and (3) supplementation resulted in some protection against adverse effects of several neurotoxic agents (including alcohol) in offspring. "
05/01/2007 - "The objective of the study was to evaluate the dietary requirements for choline in healthy men and women and to investigate the clinical sequelae of choline deficiency. "
04/01/2006 - "Studies suggest DEA inhibits choline uptake and causes biochemical changes consistent with choline deficiency (CD). "
09/01/2005 - "Our recent studies have demonstrated that generation of ROS is associated with choline deficiency (CD)-induced apoptosis in CWSV-1 cells, an immortalized rat hepatocyte that becomes tumorigenic by stepwise culturing in decreasing levels of choline. "
08/21/1997 - "In additional studies, we found that choline deficiency in the Zucker rat did not result in activation of PKC in liver, unlike our earlier observations in the choline deficient Fischer rat. "
4. Methionine (L-Methionine)FDA Link
5. EthionineIBA
6. Triglycerides (Triacylglycerol)IBA
7. Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol)IBA
8. Carnitine (L-Carnitine)FDA LinkGeneric
9. Carbon Tetrachloride (Tetrachloromethane)IBA
10. Messenger RNA (mRNA)IBA

Therapies and Procedures

1. Total Parenteral Nutrition
2. Parenteral Nutrition
3. Catheters
4. Ketogenic Diet
5. Ligation