Central Nervous System Infections (Central Nervous System Infection)

Pathogenic infections of the brain, spinal cord, and meninges. DNA VIRUS INFECTIONS; RNA VIRUS INFECTIONS; BACTERIAL INFECTIONS; MYCOPLASMA INFECTIONS; SPIROCHAETALES INFECTIONS; fungal infections; PROTOZOAN INFECTIONS; HELMINTHIASIS; and PRION DISEASES may involve the central nervous system as a primary or secondary process.
Also Known As:
Central Nervous System Infection; Infections, Central Nervous System
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Drugs and Biologics

Drugs and Important Biological Agents (IBA) related to Central Nervous System Infections:
1. voriconazole (Vfend)FDA LinkGeneric
2. Glucose (Dextrose)FDA LinkGeneric
05/01/1982 - "Central nervous system systemic lupus erythematosus versus central nervous system infection: low cerebral spinal fluid glucose and pleocytosis in a patient with a prolonged course."
01/01/2002 - "In conclusion, in cases of clinically suspected bacterial central nervous system infection after removal of an external ventricular drain, lumbar CSF lactate, glucose, and cytology are comparable to previously determined ventricular values, and thus may help physicians to choose the best treatment."
01/01/1992 - "The use of blood glucose/cerebrospinal fluid glucose ratio in the diagnosis of central nervous system infection in infants and children."
09/01/1998 - "Signs of active central nervous system infection, such as the decreased CSF glucose, and elevated CSF protein, neuron specific enolase and LDH, resolved after initiation of treatment with pyrimethamine and sulfazoxine. "
01/01/1995 - "In order to differentiate bacterial meningitis versus viral meningitis, we have comparatively tested the efficacy of the following tests: C-reactive protein (CRP), erythrocytes sedimentation rate (ESR), fever, level of glucose in cerebro-spinal fluid (CSF), glucose in CSF/glycemia ratio, number of white blood cells in peripheric blood, percentage of neutrophils in peripheric blood, level of proteins in CSF and number of nucleated cells in CSF for a group of 49 patients, both children and adults with central nervous system infection (37 patients with bacterial meningitis and 12 with viral meningitis) hospitalised between May 1993 and July 1994 in Clinical Hospital for Infectious Diseases in Iaşi. "
3. Acyclovir (Aciclovir)FDA LinkGeneric
4. cidofovir hexadecyloxypropyl esterIBA
5. VancomycinFDA LinkGeneric
6. Anti-Bacterial Agents (Antibiotics)IBA
7. Colistin (Coly-Mycin)FDA Link
8. linezolid (Zyvox)FDA Link
9. Lactic AcidFDA LinkGeneric
10. Proteins (Proteins, Gene)IBA

Therapies and Procedures

1. Chemoprevention
2. Ventriculostomy
3. Cardiopulmonary Bypass (Heart-Lung Bypass)
4. Heart Transplantation (Grafting, Heart)
5. Transplantation (Transplant Recipients)