Calcitonin (Calcitonin, Eel)

A peptide hormone that lowers calcium concentration in the blood. In humans, it is released by thyroid cells and acts to decrease the formation and absorptive activity of osteoclasts. Its role in regulating plasma calcium is much greater in children and in certain diseases than in normal adults.
Also Known As:
Calcitonin, Eel; Calcitonin(1-32); Calcitrin; Ciba 47175-BA; Eel Calcitonin; Ciba 47175 BA; Ciba 47175BA; Thyrocalcitonin
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01/01/1990 - "Progress in the knowledge of the disease has recently been obtained in the following ways: the IRMA assay of mature calcitonin, the disease marker, has permitted earlier diagnosis of familial cases and recurrence; the locus assignment of the gene on chromosome 10 now enables a valid discrimination in certain families of gene carriers; collaborative clinical, biological, pathological, therapeutic and epidemiological research on a nation-wide scale has had a beneficial effect on patients, with improvement in diagnosis of the familial forms, in disease prognosis, in cancer detection at an infraclinical stage, and in the regrouping and distribution of families in France."
03/01/2007 - "Tissue-specific expression of the promoter for calcitonin and calcitonin-related polypeptide alpha has allowed therapeutic genes to be specifically expressed in calcitonin-secreting cells and in the MTC tumors derived from them; such tissue-specific expression contributes to improved safety of gene therapies and has the potential to increase their therapeutic index. "
08/01/1995 - "We have measured SRIF plasma levels in 35 patients with different stages of MTC to evaluate the use of SRIF as a plasma tumor marker compared to the current "gold standard" calcitonin (CT). "
07/01/2007 - "In this study, we propose calcitonin measurement in the washout of FNAB needles after sampling each tumor (FNAB-CT) as a new approach to diagnosis of MTC. "
01/01/2007 - "In addition to RET, an old marker, calcitonin, has assumed increasing importance, but may not adequately reflect changes in tumor burden in RET inhibitor trials. "
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