Babinski Reflex (Extensor Plantar Response)

An abnormal reflex consisting of dorsiflexion of the great toe and abduction of the other toes in response to cutaneous stimulation of the plantar surface of the foot.
Also Known As:
Extensor Plantar Response; Babinski Sign; Babinski's Sign; Reflex, Babinski; Babinski Reflexes; Babinski Sign Absent; Babinski Sign Negative; Babinski Sign Positive; Babinski's Reflex; Extensor Plantar Reflex; Great Toe Paradoxical Extensor Reflex; Reflexes, Babinski; Babinski Signs; Babinski's Signs; Extensor Plantar Responses; Plantar Reflex, Extensor; Plantar Response, Extensor; Plantar Responses, Extensor; Reflex, Babinski's; Reflex, Extensor Plantar; Response, Extensor Plantar; Responses, Extensor Plantar; Signs, Babinski's; Paradoxical Extensor Reflex, Great Toe
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Drugs and Biologics

Drugs and Important Biological Agents (IBA) related to Babinski Reflex:
1. Levodopa (L Dopa)FDA LinkGeneric
2. glucuronyl glucosamine glycan sulfate (Vessel)IBA
3. Spastic paraplegia 17IBA
4. BaclofenFDA LinkGeneric
5. Sodium Chloride (Saline Solution)FDA LinkGeneric
6. Prednisolone (Predate)FDA LinkGeneric
7. PlasticsIBA
8. Parathyroid Hormone (Parathormone)IBA
9. MethylprednisoloneFDA LinkGeneric
10. LipofuscinIBA

Therapies and Procedures

1. Wheelchairs (Wheel Chair)
2. Transplantation (Transplant Recipients)
3. Artificial Respiration (Mechanical Ventilation)