Polyomavirus Transforming Antigens

Polyomavirus antigens which cause infection and cellular transformation. The large T antigen is necessary for the initiation of viral DNA synthesis, repression of transcription of the early region and is responsible in conjunction with the middle T antigen for the transformation of primary cells. Small T antigen is necessary for the completion of the productive infection cycle.
Also Known As:
Antigens, Polyomavirus Transforming; Polyomaviruses Large T Proteins; Polyomaviruses Middle T Proteins; Polyomaviruses Small T Proteins; Antigens, Polyomavirus Tumor; Antigens, SV40 T; Proteins, Polyomavirus T; Proteins, SV40 T; T Antigens, SV40; T Proteins, Polyomavirus; T Proteins, SV40; Transforming Antigens, Polyomavirus; Tumor Antigens, Polyomavirus; Polyomavirus Large T Antigens; Polyomavirus Middle T Antigens; Polyomavirus Small T Antigens; Polyomavirus T Proteins; Polyomavirus Tumor Antigens; SV40 T Antigens; SV40 T Proteins; Simian Sarcoma Virus Proteins
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