Alcohol Amnestic Disorder

A mental disorder associated with chronic ethanol abuse (ALCOHOLISM) and nutritional deficiencies characterized by short term memory loss, confabulations, and disturbances of attention. (Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, p1139)
Also Known As:
Alcohol Amnestic Syndrome; Alcohol-Induced Amnestic Psychosis; Alcohol-Induced Dysmnesic Psychosis; Alcohol-Induced Dysmnesic Syndrome; Alcohol-Induced Korsakoff Syndrome; Alcohol-Induced Persisting Amnestic Disorder; Alcohol Amnestic Disorders; Alcohol Amnestic Syndromes; Alcohol Induced Amnestic Psychosis; Alcohol Induced Amnestic Syndrome; Alcohol Induced Dysmnesic Psychosis; Alcohol Induced Dysmnesic Syndrome; Alcohol Induced Korsakoff Syndrome; Alcohol Induced Persisting Amnestic Disorder; Alcohol-Induced Amnestic Psychoses; Alcohol-Induced Amnestic Syndromes; Alcohol-Induced Dysmnesic Psychoses; Alcohol-Induced Dysmnesic Syndromes; Alcohol-Induced Korsakoff Syndromes; Alcoholic Korsakoff Syndromes; Amnestic Disorder, Alcohol; Amnestic Disorders, Alcohol; Amnestic Psychoses, Alcohol-Induced; Amnestic Psychosis, Alcohol Induced; Amnestic Syndrome, Alcohol; Amnestic Syndrome, Alcohol-Induced; Amnestic Syndromes, Alcohol; Amnestic Syndromes, Alcohol-Induced; Dysmnesic Psychoses, Alcohol-Induced; Dysmnesic Psychosis, Alcohol-Induced; Dysmnesic Syndrome, Alcohol-Induced; Dysmnesic Syndromes, Alcohol-Induced; Korsakoff Syndrome, Alcohol-Induced; Korsakoff Syndrome, Alcoholic; Korsakoff Syndromes, Alcohol-Induced; Korsakoff Syndromes, Alcoholic; Psychoses, Alcohol-Induced Amnestic; Psychoses, Alcohol-Induced Dysmnesic; Psychosis, Alcohol-Induced Amnestic; Psychosis, Alcohol-Induced Dysmnesic; Syndrome, Alcohol Amnestic; Syndrome, Alcohol-Induced Amnestic; Syndrome, Alcohol-Induced Dysmnesic; Syndrome, Alcohol-Induced Korsakoff; Syndrome, Alcoholic Korsakoff; Syndromes, Alcohol Amnestic; Syndromes, Alcohol-Induced Amnestic; Syndromes, Alcohol-Induced Dysmnesic; Syndromes, Alcohol-Induced Korsakoff; Syndromes, Alcoholic Korsakoff; Alcohol-Induced Amnestic Syndrome; Alcoholic Korsakoff Syndrome; Amnestic Psychosis, Alcohol-Induced
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Drugs and Biologics

Drugs and Important Biological Agents (IBA) related to Alcohol Amnestic Disorder:
1. Fluvoxamine (Luvox)FDA LinkGeneric
2. Serotonin (5 Hydroxytryptamine)IBA
3. Clonidine (ST 155)FDA LinkGeneric
4. Paroxetine (Paxil)FDA LinkGeneric
5. Norepinephrine (Noradrenaline)FDA LinkGeneric
6. NicotineFDA Link
7. NeuropeptidesIBA
8. MethoxyhydroxyphenylglycolIBA
9. Cholinesterase Inhibitors (Anticholinesterases)IBA
10. Amphetamine (Amfetamine)FDA LinkGeneric