A protein factor that regulates the length of R-actin. It is chemically similar, but immunochemically distinguishable from actin.
Also Known As:
Eu-Actinin; beta-Actinin; Eu Actinin; alpha Actinin; beta Actinin; alpha-Actinin; Actinins, alpha-
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10/01/2004 - "Calcineurin, which binds to the Z-disc in cardiomyocytes via alpha-actinin, promotes cardiac hypertrophy in response to numerous pathologic stimuli. "
04/01/2006 - "Assessment of the effects of triflusal in pressure overload-induced cardiac hypertrophy by aortic banding resulted in a significant reduction in the ratio of heart weight to body weight and in a reduction of the mRNA levels of the cardiac hypertrophy markers ANF and alpha-actinin compared with untreated banded rats. "
04/19/2002 - "Recently, we described two novel striated muscle-specific proteins, calsarcin-1 and calsarcin-2, that bind alpha-actinin on the Z-disc and serve as intracellular binding proteins for calcineurin, a calcium/calmodulin-dependent phosphatase shown to be integral in cardiac hypertrophy as well as skeletal muscle differentiation and fiber-type specification. "
02/01/1999 - "It was found that: (1) the amount and distribution of alpha-actinin and myomesin remained unchanged at both the compensated hypertrophy and the congestive heart failure stages; (2) loss of titin was associated with myocyte lengthening in heart failure; (3) desmin protein and filaments in LV myocytes increased progressively with mechanical overload cardiac hypertrophy and subsequent heart failure; (4) a newly developed and validated quantitative confocal microscopic approach disclosed that the microtubule density in isolated LV myocytes increased by 21% at 4 weeks and by 48% 6 months after aortic constriction; (5) at the heart failure stage, microtubule density in LV myocytes showed a statistically significant inverse correlation to the LV maximum +dP/dt and a direct correlation to LV myocyte lengthening; (6) the increased microtubule density in LV myocytes in this model was not due to an increase in total tubulin; and (7) microtubule density in left atrial and right ventricular myocytes also increased when they underwent hypertrophy secondary to left heart failure. "
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