Acetazolamide (Diamox)

One of the CARBONIC ANHYDRASE INHIBITORS that is sometimes effective against absence seizures. It is sometimes useful also as an adjunct in the treatment of tonic-clonic, myoclonic, and atonic seizures, particularly in women whose seizures occur or are exacerbated at specific times in the menstrual cycle. However, its usefulness is transient often because of rapid development of tolerance. Its antiepileptic effect may be due to its inhibitory effect on brain carbonic anhydrase, which leads to an increased transneuronal chloride gradient, increased chloride current, and increased inhibition. (From Smith and Reynard, Textbook of Pharmacology, 1991, p337)
Also Known As:
Diamox; Acetadiazol; Acetazolam; Acetazolamide Sodium, (Sterile); Acetazolamide, Monosodium Salt; Ak-Zol; Apo-Acetazolamide; Apotex Brand of Acetazolamide; Chiesi Brand of Acetazolamide; Ciba Vision Brand of Acetazolamide; Cyanamid Brand of Acetazolamide Preparation; Diacarb; Dioptic Brand of Acetazolamide; Diuramide; Défiltran; Edemox; Glauconox; Glaupax; Grin Brand of Acetazolamide; Huma-Zolamide; ICN Brand of Acetazolamide; Jumer Brand of Acetazolamide; Lederle Brand of Acetazolamide Preparation; Llorens Brand of Acetazolamide; Medphano Brand of Acetazolamide; Novopharm Brand of Acetazolamide; Orion Brand of Acetazolamide; Storz Brand of Acetazolamide Preparation; Théraplix Brand of Acetazolamide Preparation; Wassermann Brand of Acetazolamide; Whelehan Brand of Acetazolamide Preparation; Wyeth Brand of Acetazolamide Preparation; Acetazolamide Apotex Brand; Acetazolamide Chiesi Brand; Acetazolamide Dioptic Brand; Acetazolamide Grin Brand; Acetazolamide ICN Brand; Acetazolamide Jumer Brand; Acetazolamide Llorens Brand; Acetazolamide Medphano Brand; Acetazolamide Novopharm Brand; Acetazolamide Orion Brand; Acetazolamide Wassermann Brand; Ak Zol; AkZol; Apo Acetazolamide; ApoAcetazolamide; Huma Zolamide; HumaZolamide; Monosodium Salt Acetazolamide; Acetamide, N-(5-(aminosulfonyl)-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-yl)-
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