ABO Blood-Group System

The major human blood type system which depends on the presence or absence of two antigens A and B. Type O occurs when neither A nor B is present and AB when both are present. A and B are genetic factors that determine the presence of enzymes for the synthesis of certain glycoproteins mainly in the red cell membrane.
Also Known As:
Blood Group H Type 1 Antigen; H Blood Group; H Blood Group System; ABH Blood Groups; ABO Blood Group System; ABO Blood-Group Systems; ABO Factor; Blood Group, ABH; Blood Group, H; Blood Groups, ABH; Blood Groups, H; Blood-Group System, ABO; Blood-Group Systems, ABO; Factor, ABO; Factors, ABO; H Blood Groups; System, ABO Blood-Group; Systems, ABO Blood-Group; ABH Blood Group; ABO Factors
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