Amyopathic dermatomyositis

Dermatomyositis with pathognomonic cutaneous manifestations of dermatomyositis, consisting of a heliotrope rash, facial erythema and edema, Gottron's papules, and periungual telangiectasia, but without inflammatory myopathy features
Also Known As:
Idiopathic inflammatory myopathy, familial; Idiopathic myopathy; Juvenile dermatomyositis; Juvenile myositis; Myopathy, familial idiopathic inflammatory
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03/01/2003 - "As part of this ongoing international effort, members of this group met in November 2001 at a work-shop entitled "Defining Clinical Improvement in Adult and Juvenile Myositis." A goal of the work-shop was to review current data on the validity and responsiveness of the recently published proposed preliminary core set measures for disease outcome assessment in clinical trials for myositis and to define the degree of change in each core set measure that is clinically meaningful. "
09/01/2014 - "Disease activity and prognostic factors in juvenile dermatomyositis: a long-term follow-up study applying the Paediatric Rheumatology International Trials Organization criteria for inactive disease and the myositis disease activity assessment tool."
04/01/2011 - "The aim of this study was to define the standardized incidence ratio (SIR) of malignancy and the potential risk factors of concomitant malignancies in patients with inflammatory myopathies, including clinically amyopathic dermatomyositis (CADM). "
01/01/2011 - "A national registry for juvenile dermatomyositis and other paediatric idiopathic inflammatory myopathies: 10 years' experience; the Juvenile Dermatomyositis National (UK and Ireland) Cohort Biomarker Study and Repository for Idiopathic Inflammatory Myopathies."
04/01/2003 - "To study the relationships of muscle strength and maximal oxygen consumption (VO(2peak)) with Childhood Health Assessment Questionnaire (CHAQ) score, Childhood Myositis Assessment Score (CMAS) and Child Health Questionnaire [physical summary (CHQ-PhS) and psychosocial summary (CHQ-PsS)] scores in juvenile dermatomyositis. "

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