a neuropeptide-like glycoprotein from mammalian brain; neurexophilin 1-4 represent products of similar genes; may function as ligand for alpha-neurexins; RefSeq NM_008751 (Nxph1, mouse); NM_012994 (Nxph1, rat); NM_152745 (NXPH1, human); NM_007226 (NXPH2, human); NM_007225 (NXPH3, human); NM_008752 (Nxph2, mouse); NM_007224 (NXPH4, human); NM_130858 (Nxph3, mouse)
Also Known As:
NXPH1 protein, human; NXPH2 protein, human; NXPH3 protein, human; NXPH4 protein, human; Nxph1 protein, mouse; Nxph1 protein, rat; Nxph2 protein, mouse; Nxph3 protein, mouse; neurexin I-alpha; neurexin I-alpha protein, human; neurexin Ialpha; neurexophilin 1; neurexophilin 1 protein, human; neurexophilin 1 protein, mouse; neurexophilin 1 protein, rat; neurexophilin 2; neurexophilin 2 protein, human; neurexophilin 2 protein, mouse; neurexophilin 3; neurexophilin 3 protein, human; neurexophilin 3 protein, mouse; neurexophilin 4; neurexophilin 4 protein, human; neurexophilin protein, human
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