carbenicillin indanyl (carindacillin)

acid stable indanyl ester of carbenicillin for oral use; same side-effects as carbenicillin; minor descriptor (75-86); on line & INDEX MEDICUS search CARBENICILLIN/AA (75-86); RN given refers to (mono-Na salt(2S-(2alpha,5alpha,6beta))-isomer)
Also Known As:
carindacillin; CP 15,464-2; CP 15464; CP-15,464-2; CP-15464; Carindapen; Geocillin; N-(2-carboxy-3,3-dimethyl-7-oxo-4-thia-1-azabicyclo(3.2.0)hept-6-yl)-2-phenylmalonamate; Pfizer brand of carbenicillin indanyl sodium; carbenicillin indanyl sodium; carbenicillin indanyl, 2S-(2alpha,5alpha,6beta)-isomer; carindacillin sodium; indanyl carbenicillin; sodium carindacillin
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