insulin promoter factor 1

PDX-1/IPF1/STF-1/IDX-1/IUF-1 is a homeodomain containing transcription factor; found in pancreatic beta-cells; RIPE3b1 was cloned and identified as the mammalian homologue of an avian regulator of cellular differentiation MafA/L-Maf; amino acid sequence in first source; RerSeq NM_008814 (mouse), NM_013311 (human), NM_022852
Also Known As:
IDX-1 protein; IDX-1 protein, human; IPF-1 protein; IPF1 protein; IPF1 protein, human; IUF-1; IUF1 protein, human; Ipf1 protein, mouse; Ipf1 protein, rat; MODY4 protein, human; PDX-1 protein, human; PDX1 protein; Pdx1 protein, rat; RIPE3b1; RIPE3b1-ACt; STF-1 factor; glucose-sensitive factor (GSF); insulin promoter factor 1, homeodomain transcription factor protein, human; insulin promoter factor 1, homeodomain transcription factor protein, mouse; islet-duodenum homeobox-1 protein; pancreatic and duodenal homeobox gene 1, rat; pancreatic and duodenal homeobox gene-1; pancreatic-duodenal homeobox factor-1; pdx-1 protein, mouse; somatostatin transactivating factor 1
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