neutrophil cytosol factor 67K

translocation of cytosolic component p67phox is essential step in the activation of NADPH oxidase in response to phorbol esters; amino acid sequence has been determined; subunit of leukocyte NADPH oxidase
Also Known As:
P67-phox; P67phox; neutrophil NADPH-oxidase activation factor p67
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03/01/2013 - "The capacity of dietary DHA to suppress hepatic markers of inflammation (Clec4F, F4/80, Trl4, Trl9, CD14, Myd88), fibrosis (Procol1α1, Tgfβ1), and oxidative stress (NADPH oxidase subunits Nox2, p22phox, p40phox, p47phox, p67phox) was significantly greater than dietary EPA. "
07/01/2012 - "NADPH oxidase is a complex enzyme composed of six proteins: gp91phox (renamed NOX2), p22phox, p47phox, p67phox, p40phox and Rac1/2. Inhibitors of this enzyme could be beneficial, by limiting ROS production and inappropriate inflammation. "
05/01/2008 - "Plaque oxidative stress, inflammation, and stability were quantified by NAD(P)H oxidase p67phox and MMP-2 immunoblotting, oxidized LDL (oxLDL) immunoreactivity, macrophage and Sirius red collagen staining. "
03/09/2004 - "In AM+/- mice, cuff placement increased both the production of superoxide anions (O2-) measured by coelentarazine chemiluminescence and the immunostaining of p67phox and gp91phox, subunits of NAD(P)H oxidase in the adventitia, associated with the increment of CD45-positive leukocytes, suggesting that the stimulated formation of radical oxygen species accompanied chronic adventitial inflammation. "
01/01/2008 - "In Part 1 of this review we discuss the impact of exercise on CVD, and we highlight the effects of exercise on (i) endothelial function by regulation of endothelial genes mediating oxidative metabolism, inflammation, apoptosis, cellular growth and proliferation, increased superoxide dismutase (SOD)-1, down-regulation of p67phox, changes in intracellular calcium level, increased vascular endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS), expression and eNOS Ser-1177 phosphorylation; (ii) vascular smooth muscle function by either an increased affinity of the Ca2+ extrusion mechanism or an augmented Ca2+ buffering system by the superficial sarcoplasmic reticulum to increase Ca2+ sequestration, increase in K+ channel activity and/or expression, and increase in L-type Ca2+ current density; (iii) antioxidant systems by elevation of Mn-SOD, Cu/Zn-SOD and catalase, increases in glutathione peroxidase activity and activation of vascular nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate [(NAD(P)H] oxidase and p22phox expression; (iv) heat shock protein (HSP) expression by stimulating HSP70 expression in myocardium, skeletal muscle and even in human leucocytes, probably through heat shock transcription factor 1 activity; (v) inflammation by reducing serum inflammatory cytokines such as high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hCRP), interleukin (IL)-6, IL-18 and tumour necrosis factor-alpha and by regulating Toll-like receptor 4 pathway. "
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