nicotine polacrilex (Nicorette)

nicotine complexed with methacrylic acid polymer & divinylbenzene; controlled release of nicotine as smoking deterrent
Also Known As:
Nicorette; Commit
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1. Tobacco Use Disorder (Nicotine Dependence)
10/09/1995 - "It appears that the 4-mg dose of nicotine polacrilex is the drug and dose of choice for the initial phase of tobacco dependence treatment in high-dependent smokers; the 2-mg dose of nicotine polacrilex is not better than placebo during the first 6 weeks of treatment for high-dependent cigarette smokers, and thus should not be used for these patients during the initial treatment phase."
01/01/1991 - "The clinical aspects of a reverse dynamics of the symptoms of a pathological tobacco addition, with consideration of the type of tobacco dependence and premorbid features of the course of mental cognition, show that nicorette possesses a certain clinical spectrum of action suppressing the activity of a secondary ideational component of pathological tobacco addiction. "
01/01/1991 - "The results of nicorette therapy in 51 patients with tobacco dependence were analysed. "
01/01/1990 - "Effectively designed, office-based programs should involve all or most dental team members and contain the following components: a procedure that identifies smokers and records changes in their smoking status, a personal evaluation of each smoker's motivation to quit, an assessment of the degree of nicotine dependence experienced by potential quitters, the prescription of nicotine polacrilex therapy for appropriate candidates, personalized counseling commensurate with each patient's level of quitting readiness and, an effective system that ensures consistent patient follow-up and support."
04/01/2002 - "The conclusion reached is that the nicotine-containing chewing-gum "Nicorette" is a highly effective and safe medication that can come to be widely used for treating those patients who are prolonged and continuous users of tobacco and for preventing recurrences of nicotine dependence."
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