myxovirus resistance proteins

induced by interferon-alpha/beta; accumulates in nucleus of IFN-treated Mx cells; contributes to resistance against influenza; MW 75,000; human equivalent of mo Mx protein; MxA(R645) has Glu to Arg substitution at carboxy terminus; contains nine sites that are polymorphic in human populations; RefSeq NM_002462 (MX1, human), NM_002463 (MX2, human), NM_013606 (Mx2, mouse), NM_010846 (Mx1, mouse); NM_173096 (Mx1, rat); NM_134350 (Mx2, rat)
Also Known As:
IFI-78K protein, human; IFI78 protein, human; IFI78 protein, rat; MX1 protein, human; MX2 protein, human; Mx protein, mouse; Mx1 protein, mouse; Mx1 protein, rat; Mx2 protein, mouse; Mx2 protein, rat; MxA protein, human; MxA(R645) protein, human; MxB protein, human; interferon inducible protein p78, human; myxovirus (influenza virus) resistance 1 protein, mouse; myxovirus (influenza virus) resistance 2 (mouse) protein, human; myxovirus (influenza virus) resistance 2 protein, mouse; myxovirus (influenza virus) resistance 2 protein, rat; myxovirus (influenza virus) resistance protein, rat; p78-related protein, human; protein Mx; protein Mx, interferon-induced; second interferon-induced protein p78, human
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