gas vesicle protein

proteins that form hollow structures, they usually take the shape of a cylindrical tube closed by conical end caps. Gas vesicles occur in five phyla of the Bacteria and two groups of the Archaea, but they are mostly restricted to planktonic microorganisms, in which they provide buoyancy. By regulating their relative gas vesicle content aquatic microbes are able to perform vertical migrations.
Also Known As:
GVP-A protein, Halobacterium; GVP-B protein, Halobacterium; GvpC protein, Halobacterium; Halobacterium gas vehicle proteins; Halobacterium gas vesicle proteins; c-gvpA protein, Halobacterium; gas vehicle proteins (Halobacterium); gas vesicle protein, Halobacterium; gas vesicle proteins; gas vesicle proteins (Halobacterium); gas vesicle structural protein A, Bacteria; gas-vehicle protein, Anabaena; gvpA protein, Bacteria; gvpD protein, Halobacterium; gvpE protein, Halobacterium; p-gvpA protein, Halobacterium
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