chinese ink

lampblack or ivory black with a binding agent (e.g. animal glue) used as INK; true India ink is sepia from cuttlefish
Also Known As:
India ink
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07/01/2003 - "Histologically, dilation and hypertrophy of subpapillary and subdermal vessels were evident in groups 2, 3, and 4; on the other hand, degranulation of mast cells in the vicinity of occluded vessels at the 1st hour of laser delay and a striking mast cell proliferation and degranulation in association with newly formed vessels (angiogenesis) at the 14th day of laser delay were prominent in group 5. India ink injections revealed longitudinally arranged large-caliber vessels and cross-filling between the vessels of adjacent territories in groups, 2, 3, and 4, but only small-caliber vessels in group 5. Compared with the acute flaps, both surgical and laser delay significantly increased the mean flap perfusion to the maximal levels after a 14-day delay period, and all delay procedures improved flap survival; the most significant increase in surviving area was observed in group 3, whereas the less significant increase in surviving area was in group 5. This study demonstrates that laser delay is as effective as surgical delay and that laser delay by lasering lateral borders leads to dilation and longitudinal rearrangement of the existing vessels rather than angiogenesis, whereas laser delay by lasering the entire surface results in delay effect by inducing angiogenesis due to activation and degranulation of the mast cells."
04/01/1980 - "In additional experiments, mice subjected to adenectomy only on one side and injected in that hind footpad with phytohemagglutinin or India ink demonstrated hypertrophy or deposition of carbon particles in the more distant node only on the side of the injection. "
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