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Related Diseases

1. Parakeratosis
2. Hyperplasia
03/01/1992 - "By light microscopy hyperorthokeratosis, prominent granular cell layers with increased keratohyalin granules and hyperplasia were seen. "
07/01/1981 - "Microscopically, the lesions showed a thick compact corneum without structural changes in the underlying epidermis except for moderate epidermal cell hyperplasia and some reduction in keratohyalin content."
10/01/2007 - "Histopathological studies showed inhibition in cellular infiltration and reduction of synovial hyperplasia and synovitis, whereas in the second test, histopathological and ultrastructural studies showed that topical application of FAM induced orthokeratosis with the presence of keratohyalin granules in the previously parakeratotic adult mouse tail, and without effects on epidermal thickness. "
03/01/2014 - "Sections revealed lesions consistent with pigmented viral papillomas, characterised by marked epidermal hyperplasia forming papillary fronds, prominent clumping of keratohyalin granules, keratinocytes with dilated grey-blue cytoplasm, shrunken nuclei surrounded by a clear halo (koilocytes), and presumptive viral intranuclear inclusions. "
10/01/1985 - "Cutaneous fibromas of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus), when compared with normal skin of the same species, had a thinner basement membrane; thickened stratum spinosum with numerous melanocytes, desmosomes, polyribosomes, and tonofilaments; focal hyperplasia of the stratum granulosum containing numerous large, electron-dense keratohyalin granules with irregular borders and containing occasional cells with diffuse intranuclear virus particles; and a moderately thickened stratum corneum with (although rarely) small crystalline arrays of virus particles. "
3. Psoriasis (Pustulosis Palmaris et Plantaris)
4. Palmoplantar Keratoderma (Keratosis Palmaris et Plantaris)
5. Benign Familial Pemphigus (Hailey Hailey Disease)

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