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Prayer Healing
Preanesthetic Medication
Preanesthetic Medications
Preconception Care
Pregnancy Reduction, Multifetal
Pregnancy Reductions, Multifetal
Premedication, Antibiotic
Premedications, Antibiotic
Prenatal Care
Preoperative Care
Preoperative Period
Preoperative Procedure
Preoperative Procedures
Preparation, Dental Cavity
Preparation, Root Canal
Preparation, Tooth
Preparations, Dental Cavity
Preparations, Root Canal
Preparations, Tooth
Prescribing, Inappropriate
Prescribing, Off-Label
Prescribing, Over
Prescribings, Inappropriate
Prescribings, Off-Label
Prescribings, Over
Prescription Sun Glasses
Prescription, Inappropriate
Prescriptions, Inappropriate
Pressure Monitor, Blood
Pressure Monitors, Blood
Pressure Suit
Pressure Suits
Pressure Transducer
Pressure Transducers
Pressure, Positive End-Expiratory
Pressures, Positive End-Expiratory
Pressurized Air
Pressurized Airs
Preventive Dentistries
Preventive Dentistry
Preventive Orthodontics
Previous Abortion
Previous Abortions
Primary Care Nursing
Primitive Medicine
Procedure, Ambulatory Surgical
Procedure, Bidirectional Glenn
Procedure, Billroth I
Procedure, Billroth II
Procedure, Blalock-Taussig
Procedure, Cardiac Surgical
Procedure, Cardiovascular Surgical
Procedure, Digestive System Surgical
Procedure, Elective Surgical
Procedure, Endocrine Surgical
Procedure, Endovascular
Procedure, Fontan
Procedure, Gastrointestinal Surgical
Procedure, Gender Change
Procedure, Gender Reassignment
Procedure, Gynecologic Surgical
Procedure, Gynecological Surgical
Procedure, Heart Surgical
Procedure, Hemi-Fontan
Procedure, Intravascular
Procedure, Keratorefractive Surgical
Procedure, Maxillofacial
Procedure, Minimal Surgical
Procedure, Minor Surgical
Procedure, Modified Blalock-Taussig
Procedure, Nerve Elongation
Procedure, Neurosurgical
Procedure, Norwood
Procedure, Obstetric Surgical
Procedure, Obstetrical Surgical
Procedure, Operative
Procedure, Operative Surgical
Procedure, Ophthalmologic Surgical
Procedure, Ophthalmological Surgical
Procedure, Oral Surgical
Procedure, Orthognathic Surgical
Procedure, Orthopedic
Procedure, Orthopedic Surgical
Procedure, Otologic Surgical
Procedure, Otorhinolaryngologic Surgical
Procedure, Otorhinolaryngological Surgical
Procedure, Postoperative
Procedure, Preoperative
Procedure, Pulmonary Surgical
Procedure, Reconstructive Surgical
Procedure, Refractive Surgical
Procedure, Sex Change
Procedure, Sex Reassignment
Procedure, Thoracic Surgical
Procedure, Urologic Surgical
Procedure, Urological Surgical
Procedure, Vascular Surgical
Procedures, Ambulatory Surgical
Procedures, Bidirectional Glenn
Procedures, Cardiac Surgical
Procedures, Cardiovascular Surgical
Procedures, Digestive System Surgical
Procedures, Elective Surgical
Procedures, Endocrine Surgical
Procedures, Endovascular
Procedures, Gastrointestinal Surgical
Procedures, Gender Change
Procedures, Gender Reassignment
Procedures, Gynecologic Surgical
Procedures, Gynecological Surgical
Procedures, Heart Surgical
Procedures, Intravascular
Procedures, Keratorefractive Surgical
Procedures, Maxillofacial
Procedures, Minimal Access Surgical
Procedures, Minimal Surgical
Procedures, Minimally Invasive Surgical
Procedures, Minor Surgical
Procedures, Nerve Elongation
Procedures, Neurosurgical
Procedures, Norwood
Procedures, Obstetric Surgical
Procedures, Obstetrical Surgical
Procedures, Operative
Procedures, Operative Surgical
Procedures, Ophthalmologic Surgical
Procedures, Ophthalmological Surgical
Procedures, Oral Surgical
Procedures, Orthognathic Surgical
Procedures, Orthopedic
Procedures, Orthopedic Surgical
Procedures, Otologic Surgical
Procedures, Otorhinolaryngologic Surgical
Procedures, Otorhinolaryngological Surgical
Procedures, Postoperative
Procedures, Preoperative
Procedures, Pulmonary Surgical
Procedures, Reconstructive Surgical
Procedures, Refractive Surgical
Procedures, Sex Change
Procedures, Sex Reassignment
Procedures, Split-Brain
Procedures, Thoracic Surgical
Procedures, Urologic Surgical
Procedures, Urological Surgical
Procedures, Vascular Surgical
Proctocolectomies, Restorative
Proctocolectomy, Restorative
Production, Alaryngeal Voice
Productions, Alaryngeal Voice
Progesterone-Releasing Intrauterine Device
Progesterone-Releasing Intrauterine Devices
Program, Hospice
Program, Postabortal
Program, Postpartum
Programmable Implantable Insulin Pump
Programmable Implantable Medication Systems
Programs, Hospice
Programs, Postabortal
Programs, Postpartum
Prolongation of Life
Prophylaxis, Antibiotic
Prophylaxis, Dental
Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) Stretching
Prostate Resection, Transurethral
Prostate Resections, Transurethral
Prostate Transurethral Electroresection
Prostate Transurethral Electroresections
Prostate Transurethral Electrovaporization
Prostate Transurethral Electrovaporizations
Prostate Transurethral Resection
Prostate Transurethral Resections
Prostate Transurethral Vaporesection
Prostate Transurethral Vaporesections
Prostatectomies, Retropubic
Prostatectomies, Suprapubic
Prostatectomies, Transurethral
Prostatectomy, Retropubic
Prostatectomy, Suprapubic
Prostatectomy, Transurethral
Prostheses and Implants
Prostheses, Arm
Prostheses, Auditory
Prostheses, Blood Vessel
Prostheses, Cardiac Valve
Prostheses, Cleft Palate
Prostheses, Cochlear
Prostheses, Dental
Prostheses, Elbow
Prostheses, Femoral Head
Prostheses, Heart Valve
Prostheses, Hip
Prostheses, Implant-Supported Dental
Prostheses, Interim Dental
Prostheses, Internal Breast
Prostheses, Joint
Prostheses, Knee
Prostheses, Laryngeal
Prostheses, Leg
Prostheses, Limb
Prostheses, Mandibular
Prostheses, Maxillary
Prostheses, Maxillofacial
Prostheses, Neural
Prostheses, Ocular
Prostheses, Ossicular
Prostheses, Ossicular Replacement
Prostheses, Penile
Prostheses, Penis
Prostheses, Periodontal
Prostheses, Retinal
Prostheses, Vascular
Prostheses, Visual
Prostheses, Voice
Prosthesis Dental, Implant Supported
Prosthesis Dental, Implant-Supported
Prosthesis Dental, Interim
Prosthesis Dentals, Implant-Supported
Prosthesis Dentals, Interim
Prosthesis Design, Dental
Prosthesis Designs, Dental
Prosthesis Failure, Dental
Prosthesis Failures, Dental
Prosthesis Implantation
Prosthesis Implantation, Breast
Prosthesis Implantation, Cochlear
Prosthesis Implantation, Dental
Prosthesis Implantation, Hip
Prosthesis Implantation, Joint
Prosthesis Implantation, Ossicular
Prosthesis Implantation, Penile
Prosthesis Implantation, Vascular
Prosthesis Implantations
Prosthesis Implantations, Breast
Prosthesis Implantations, Cochlear
Prosthesis Implantations, Dental
Prosthesis Implantations, Hip
Prosthesis Implantations, Joint
Prosthesis Implantations, Ossicular
Prosthesis Implantations, Penile
Prosthesis, Arm
Prosthesis, Auditory
Prosthesis, Blood Vessel
Prosthesis, Cardiac Valve
Prosthesis, Cleft Palate
Prosthesis, Cochlear
Prosthesis, Dental
Prosthesis, Elbow
Prosthesis, Femoral Head
Prosthesis, Heart Valve
Prosthesis, Hip
Prosthesis, Implant-Supported Dental
Prosthesis, Interim Dental
Prosthesis, Internal Breast
Prosthesis, Joint
Prosthesis, Knee
Prosthesis, Laryngeal
Prosthesis, Leg
Prosthesis, Limb
Prosthesis, Mandibular
Prosthesis, Maxillary
Prosthesis, Maxillofacial
Prosthesis, Neural
Prosthesis, Ocular
Prosthesis, Ossicular
Prosthesis, Ossicular Replacement
Prosthesis, Penile
Prosthesis, Penis
Prosthesis, Periodontal
Prosthesis, Retinal
Prosthesis, Temporary Dental
Prosthesis, Vascular
Prosthesis, Visual
Prosthesis, Voice
Protection Device, Emboli
Protection Device, Embolic
Protection Device, Embolism
Protection Devices, Emboli
Protection Devices, Embolic
Protection Devices, Embolism
Protection Filter, Embolic
Protection Filters, Embolic
Protective Clothing
Protective Device
Protective Device, Ear
Protective Device, Eye
Protective Device, Head
Protective Device, Hearing
Protective Device, Respiratory
Protective Devices
Protective Devices, Ear
Protective Devices, Eye
Protective Devices, Head
Protective Devices, Hearing
Protective Devices, Respiratory
Protective Glove
Protective Gloves
Protective Mouth Piece
Protective Mouth Pieces
Protective Mouthpiece
Protective Mouthpieces
Protector, Mouth
Protectors, Mouth
Protein Restricted Diet
Protein-Free Diet
Protein-Free Diets
Protein-Restricted Diet
Protein-Restricted Diets
Protocol Directed Therapy, Computer Assisted
Protocol Drug Therapy, Computer Assisted
Protocol Drug Therapy, Computer-Assisted
Protocol, Antineoplastic
Protocol, Antineoplastic Chemotherapy
Protocol, Cancer Chemotherapy
Protocol, Cancer Treatment
Protocol-Directed Therapies, Computer-Assisted
Protocol-Directed Therapy, Computer-Assisted
Protocols, Antineoplastic
Protocols, Antineoplastic Chemotherapy
Protocols, Cancer Chemotherapy
Protocols, Cancer Treatment
Proximal Gastric Vagotomies
Proximal Gastric Vagotomy
Proximal Vagotomies, Selective
Proximal Vagotomy, Selective