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N-Ethylmaleimide-Sensitive Proteins (N-Ethylmaleimide-Sensitive Fusion Protein) Summary

Description: ATPases that are members of the AAA protein superfamily (ATPase family Associated with various cellular Activities). The NSFs functions, acting in conjunction with SOLUBLE NSF ATTACHMENT PROTEINS (i.e. SNAPs, which have no relation to SNAP 25), are to dissociate SNARE complexes.

Also Known As: N-Ethylmaleimide-Sensitive Fusion Protein; N-Ethylmaleimide-Sensitive ATPase; N-Ethylmaleimide-Sensitive Factor; N-Ethylmaleimide-Sensitive Factors; N-Ethylmaleimide-Sensitive Protein Show All >>

Networked: 33 relevant articles (0 outcomes, 2 trials/studies) for this Bio-Agent

Key Diseases for which N-Ethylmaleimide-Sensitive Proteins is Relevant

  1. Hyperoxia : 1 study in 1 result
  2. Myocardial Infarction : 1 study in 1 result
  3. Shock : 3 results
  4. Seizures (Seizure) : 2 results
  5. Schizophrenia (Dementia Praecox) : 2 results
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Drugs Related to N-Ethylmaleimide-Sensitive Proteins

  1. SNARE Proteins (SNAREs)
  2. Small Interfering RNA (siRNA)
  3. Vitamin E
  4. Proteins (Proteins, Gene)
  5. Soluble N-Ethylmaleimide-Sensitive Factor Attachment Proteins
  6. Brefeldin A
  7. Protein Kinases (Protein Kinase)
  8. Adenosine Triphosphatases (ATPase)
  9. Endosomal Sorting Complexes Required for Transport
  10. Nitric Oxide Synthase Type I (Neuronal Nitric Oxide Synthase)
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Therapies Related to N-Ethylmaleimide-Sensitive Proteins

  1. Therapeutics

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