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Hip Replacement Arthroplasty (Total Hip Replacement) Summary

Description: Replacement of the hip joint.

Also Known As: Total Hip Replacement; Arthroplasty, Replacement, Hip; Arthroplasties, Hip Replacement; Arthroplasties, Replacement, Hip; Arthroplasty, Hip Replacement; Hip Replacement Arthroplasties; Replacement Arthroplasties, Hip; Replacement Arthroplasty, Hip; Replacement, Total Hip; Hip Prosthesis Implantations; Hip Replacements, Total; Implantation, Hip Prosthesis; Implantations, Hip Prosthesis; Prosthesis Implantation, Hip; Prosthesis Implantations, Hip; Replacements, Total Hip; Total Hip Replacements; Hip Prosthesis Implantation; Hip Replacement, Total

Networked: 2414 relevant articles (102 outcomes, 290 trials/studies) for this Therapy

Key Diseases for which Hip Replacement Arthroplasty is Relevant

  1. Venous Thrombosis (Deep-Vein Thrombosis) : 22 outcomes 45 studies in 193 results
  2. Pain (Aches) : 21 outcomes 18 studies in 221 results
  3. Infection : 9 outcomes 9 studies in 194 results
  4. Osteoarthritis : 6 outcomes 54 studies in 311 results
  5. Pulmonary Embolism : 5 outcomes 10 studies in 69 results
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Drugs Related to Hip Replacement Arthroplasty

  1. Enoxaparin (Lovenox)
  2. Heparin (Liquaemin)
  3. Low-Molecular-Weight Heparin (Heparin, Low Molecular Weight)
  4. Dextrans (Dextran)
  5. Aspirin (Acetylsalicylic Acid)
  6. Dihydroergotamine (Agit)
  7. Anti-Bacterial Agents (Antibiotics)
  8. Warfarin (Coumadin)
  9. Thrombin
  10. Cefamandole
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Therapies Related to Hip Replacement Arthroplasty

  1. Knee Replacement Arthroplasty (Total Knee Replacement)
  2. Arthroplasty
  3. Osteotomy
  4. Prostheses and Implants (Prosthesis)
  5. Analgesia
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