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Complementary Therapies (Alternative Medicine) Summary

Description: Therapeutic practices which are not currently considered an integral part of conventional allopathic medical practice. They may lack biomedical explanations but as they become better researched some (PHYSICAL THERAPY MODALITIES; DIET; ACUPUNCTURE) become widely accepted whereas others (humors, radium therapy) quietly fade away, yet are important historical footnotes. Therapies are termed as Complementary when used in addition to conventional treatments and as Alternative when used instead of conventional treatment.

Also Known As: Alternative Medicine; Complementary Medicine; Alternative Therapies; Therapy, Alternative; Medicine, Alternative Show All >>

Networked: 3806 relevant articles (189 outcomes, 598 trials/studies) for this Therapy

Key Diseases for which Complementary Therapies is Relevant

  1. Pain (Aches) : 28 outcomes 40 studies in 300 results
  2. Neoplasms (Cancer) : 22 outcomes 161 studies in 971 results
  3. Asthma (Bronchial Asthma) : 8 outcomes 17 studies in 136 results
  4. Wounds and Injuries (Trauma) : 7 outcomes 9 studies in 35 results
  5. Stroke (Strokes) : 6 outcomes 23 studies in 52 results
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Drugs Related to Complementary Therapies

  1. Daptomycin
  2. lycopene
  3. Hormones
  4. Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors (ACE Inhibitors)
  5. resveratrol
  6. Melatonin
  7. Lidocaine (Xylocaine)
  8. Carbon Dioxide
  9. Heavy Metals
  10. Famotidine (Pepcid)
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Therapies Related to Complementary Therapies

  1. Complementary Therapies (Alternative Medicine)
  2. Drug Therapy (Chemotherapy)
  3. Massage (Reflexology)
  4. Sclerotherapy
  5. Injections
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