Multi-Ingredient Cold, Flu, and Allergy Medications

A broad category of multi-ingredient preparations that are marketed for the relief of upper respiratory symptoms resulting from the COMMON COLD; ALLERGIES; or HUMAN INFLUENZA. While the majority of these medications are available as OVER-THE-COUNTER DRUGS some of them contain ingredients that require them to be sold as PRESCRIPTION DRUGS or as BEHIND-THE COUNTER DRUGS.
Also Known As:
Cold and Flu Medications, Multi-Ingredient; Cold, Flu, and Allergy Medications, Multi-Ingredient; Multi-Ingredient Allergy Medications; Multi-Ingredient Cold Remedies; Multi-Ingredient Cold and Flu Medications; Multi-Ingredient Flu Medications; Allergy Medications, Multi-Ingredient; Cold Medications, Multi-Ingredient; Cold Remedies, Multi-Ingredient; Cold and Flu Medications, Multi Ingredient; Flu Medications, Multi-Ingredient; Medications, Multi-Ingredient Allergy; Medications, Multi-Ingredient Cold; Medications, Multi-Ingredient Flu; Multi Ingredient Allergy Medications; Multi Ingredient Cold Medications; Multi Ingredient Cold Remedies; Multi Ingredient Cold and Flu Medications; Multi Ingredient Flu Medications; Remedies, Multi-Ingredient Cold; Multi-Ingredient Cold Medications
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