Member 1 Group C Nuclear Receptor Subfamily 2

A DNA-binding orphan nuclear receptor that has specificity for directly repeated (DR) AGGTCA sequences. It binds DNA as either as a homodimer or as a heterodimer with the closely-related orphan nuclear receptor NUCLEAR RECEPTOR SUBFAMILY 2, GROUP C, MEMBER 2. The protein was originally identified as a PROSTATE-specific protein and is involved in the regulation of variety of cellular processes, including CELL DIFFERENTIATION; CELL PROLIFERATION; and APOPTOSIS.
Also Known As:
Nuclear Receptor Subfamily 2, Group C, Member 1; Nuclear Receptor NR2C1; Nuclear Receptor TR2; Orphan Nuclear Receptor NR2C1; Orphan Nuclear Receptor TR2; TR2-11 Receptor; Receptor TR2, Nuclear; TR2 11 Receptor
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