Member 2 Group F Nuclear Receptor Subfamily 1

An orphan nuclear receptor that is expressed at high levels in neuronal tissues, the RETINA; EPIDIDYMIS; and VAS DEFERENS. The receptor is believed to play a role in regulating a variety of functions including the processing of sensory information, the differentiation of PHOTORECEPTOR CELLS and the CIRCADIAN RHYTHM.
Also Known As:
Nuclear Receptor Subfamily 1, Group F, Member 2; Nuclear Receptor NR1F2; Nuclear Receptor RZR-beta; RAR-related Orphan Receptor-B; Retinoid-related Orphan Receptor-beta; Nuclear Receptor RZR beta; Orphan Receptor-B, RAR-related; Orphan Receptor-beta, Retinoid-related; RAR related Orphan Receptor B; Receptor NR1F2, Nuclear; Receptor RZR-beta, Nuclear; Retinoid related Orphan Receptor beta; RAR-related Orphan Receptor B
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