Salt-Tolerant Plants

Plants that can grow well in soils that have a high SALINITY.
Also Known As:
Halophilic Plants; Halophytic Plants; Saline-Resistant Plants; Saline-Tolerant Plants; Salt-Adapted Plants; Salt-Resistant Plants; Halophilic Plant; Halophyte; Halophytic Plant; Plant, Halophilic; Plant, Halophytic; Plant, Saline-Resistant; Plant, Saline-Tolerant; Plant, Salt-Adapted; Plant, Salt-Resistant; Plant, Salt-Tolerant; Plants, Halophilic; Plants, Halophytic; Plants, Saline-Resistant; Plants, Saline-Tolerant; Plants, Salt Tolerant; Plants, Salt-Adapted; Plants, Salt-Resistant; Saline Resistant Plants; Saline Tolerant Plants; Saline-Resistant Plant; Saline-Tolerant Plant; Salt Adapted Plants; Salt Resistant Plants; Salt Tolerant Plants; Salt-Adapted Plant; Salt-Resistant Plant; Salt-Tolerant Plant; Halophytes; Plants, Salt-Tolerant
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