Surrogate Immunoglobulin Light Chains

An immunolglobulin light chain-like protein composed of an IMMUNOGLOBULIN VARIABLE REGION-like peptide (such as light chain like lambda5 peptide) and an IMMUNOGLOBULIN CONSTANT REGION-like peptide (such as Vpreb1 peptide). Surrogate light chains associate with MU IMMUNOGLOBULIN HEAVY CHAINS in place of a conventional immunoglobulin light chains to form pre-B cell receptors.
Also Known As:
Immunoglobulin Light Chains, Surrogate; Immunoglobulin Light Chain-Like lambda5 Peptide; Pseudo Immunoglobulin Light Chain; Surrogate Immunoglobulin kappa Light Chain; Surrogate L Chain Protein; Surrogate Light Chain; Surrogate kappa Light Chain; Surrogate lambda Light Chain; VpreB-lambda 5 SL Chain; VpreB-lambda5 Surrogate Light Chain; lambda5 Peptide, Immunoglobulin Light Chain-Like; psi lambda Light Chain; psiL Chain, Immunoglobulin; Immunoglobulin Light Chain Like lambda5 Peptide; Immunoglobulin psiL Chain; Light Chain, Surrogate; Light Chains, Surrogate; VpreB lambda 5 SL Chain; VpreB lambda5 Surrogate Light Chain; lambda5 Peptide, Immunoglobulin Light Chain Like; Surrogate Light Chains
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