Arsenate Reductases (Arsenate Reductase (Azurin))

Oxidoreductases that specifically reduce arsenate ion to arsenite ion. Reduction of arsenate is a critical step for its biotransformation into a form that can be transported by ARSENITE TRANSPORTING ATPASES or complexed by specific sulfhydryl-containing proteins for the purpose of detoxification (METABOLIC DETOXIFICATION, DRUG). Arsenate reductases require reducing equivalents such as GLUTAREDOXIN or AZURIN.
Also Known As:
Arsenate Reductase (Azurin); Arsenate Reductase (Donor); Arsenate Reductase (Glutaredoxin); Arsenate Reductase-(Glutaredoxin); Reductase, Arsenate; Reductases, Arsenate; Arsenate Reductase
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