Fas-Associated Death Domain Protein (Fas-Associating Protein with Death Domain)

A signal-transducing adaptor protein that associates with TNF RECEPTOR complexes. It contains a death effector domain that can interact with death effector domains found on INITIATOR CASPASES such as CASPASE 8 and CASPASE 10. Activation of CASPASES via interaction with this protein plays a role in the signaling cascade that leads to APOPTOSIS.
Also Known As:
Fas-Associating Protein with Death Domain; FADD Protein, Fas-Associating; Fas Associated Death Domain Protein; Fas-Associating Protein FADD; MORT1 Protein; FADD Protein, Fas Associating; FADD, Fas-Associating Protein; Fas Associating Protein FADD; Fas Associating Protein with Death Domain; Fas-Associating FADD Protein
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