Dengue Vaccines

Vaccines or candidate vaccines used to prevent infection with DENGUE VIRUS. These include live-attenuated, subunit, DNA, and inactivated vaccines.
Also Known As:
Vaccines, Dengue
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10/01/2009 - "Accurate disease surveillance and carefully monitored clinical trials will provide essential evidence concerning the efficacy of candidate dengue vaccines, which will hopefully herald a new era in dengue disease prevention."
01/01/2013 - "For the safety and efficacy of dengue vaccines, the immunopathogenic complications such as antibody-mediated enhancement and autoimmunity of dengue disease need to be considered."
10/01/2010 - "In this review, we consider the issues impacting conduct and design of dengue vaccine trials with reference to the recently published World Health Organization "Guidelines for Conduct of Clinical Trials of Dengue Vaccines in Endemic Areas." We discuss logistic, scientific and ethical challenges concerning evaluation and introduction of dengue vaccines; these range from randomized trials that establish "proof of concept" of vaccine efficacy, to post-"proof of concept" trials, particularly demonstration projects likely to be required for licensure or for the introduction of an already licensed vaccine into public use. "
02/13/2008 - "Using data gathered from a contingent valuation survey, this study estimated the willingness to pay (WTP) for a single dengue fever vaccine and the household demand function for dengue vaccines. "
12/08/2003 - "Research felt to be key to future decision-making regarding dengue vaccine introduction include: disease surveillance studies, in-country vaccine trials or pilot projects, and studies on the economic burden of dengue and the cost-effectiveness of dengue vaccines. "
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