Shal Potassium Channels

A shaker subfamily of potassium channels that participate in transient outward potassium currents by activating at subthreshold MEMBRANE POTENTIALS, inactivating rapidly, and recovering from inactivation quickly.
Also Known As:
KCND1 Potassium Channel; KCND2 Potassium Channel; KCND3 Potassium Channel; Kv4 Potassium Channels; Kv4.1 Potassium Channel; Kv4.2 Potassium Channel; Kv4.3 Potassium Channel; Kv4.3L Potassium Channel; Potassium Channel, KCND1; Potassium Channel, KCND2; Potassium Channel, KCND3; Potassium Channel, Kv4.1; Potassium Channel, Kv4.2; Potassium Channel, Kv4.3; Potassium Channel, Kv4.3L; Potassium Channels, Kv4; Potassium Channels, Shal
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