Shab Potassium Channels

A subfamily of shaker potassium channels that shares homology with its founding member, Shab protein, Drosophila. They regulate delayed rectifier currents in the NERVOUS SYSTEM of DROSOPHILA and in the SKELETAL MUSCLE and HEART of VERTEBRATES.
Also Known As:
CDRK Potassium Channel; DRK1 Potassium Channel; KCNB2 Potassium Channel; Kv2 Potassium Channels; Kv2.1 Potassium Channel; Kv2.2 Potassium Channel; Potassium Channel, CDRK; Potassium Channel, DRK1; Potassium Channel, KCNB2; Potassium Channel, Kv2.1; Potassium Channel, Kv2.2; Potassium Channels, Kv2; Potassium Channels, Shab
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