GA-Binding Protein Transcription Factor

A heterotetrameric transcription factor composed of two distinct proteins. Its name refers to the fact it binds to DNA sequences rich in GUANINE and ADENINE. GA-binding protein integrates a variety of SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION PATHWAYS and regulates expression of GENES involved in CELL CYCLE control, PROTEIN BIOSYNTHESIS, and cellular METABOLISM.
Also Known As:
GA-Binding Protein; GA-Binding Protein, Alpha Subunit; GA-Binding Protein, Beta Subunit; GABP Transcription Factor; Nuclear Respiratory Factor 2, Alpha Subunit; Nuclear Respiratory Factor 2, Beta Subunit; Nuclear Respiratory Factor-2; GA Binding Protein; GA Binding Protein Transcription Factor; GA Binding Protein, Alpha Subunit; GA Binding Protein, Beta Subunit; Respiratory Factor-2, Nuclear; Transcription Factor, GABP; Nuclear Respiratory Factor 2
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