Octamer Transcription Factor-6

An octamer transcription factor that plays an important role in the MYELIN SHEATH development by SCHWANN CELLS.
Also Known As:
Octamer-Binding Protein Oct-6; POU Transcription Factor Oct-6; SCIP Protein; Transcription Factor Tst-1; Factor, Oct-6 Transcription; Factor-6, Octamer Transcription; Oct 6 Transcription Factor; Oct-6, Octamer-Binding Protein; Oct-6, Transcription Factor; Octamer Binding Protein Oct 6; Octamer Transcription Factor 6; POU Transcription Factor Oct 6; Transcription Factor Oct 6; Transcription Factor Tst 1; Transcription Factor, Oct-6; Transcription Factor-6, Octamer; Tst-1, Transcription Factor; Oct-6 Transcription Factor; Transcription Factor Oct-6
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