Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-crk

Signal transducing adaptor proteins that contain SRC HOMOLOGY DOMAINS and play a role in CYTOSKELETON reorganization. c-crk protein is closely related to ONCOGENE PROTEIN V-CRK and includes several alternatively spliced isoforms.
Also Known As:
CRKI Protein; CRKII Protein; CT10 Regulator of Kinase Protein; Crk-1 Protein; Crk-2 Protein; Crk3 Protein; CrkII Adapter Protein; CrkIII Protein; Proto-Oncogene Protein c-crk; Proto-Oncogene Protein c-crk-1; Proto-Oncogene Protein c-crk-2; Proto-Oncogene Protein c-crk-3; c-CrkII Protein; c-CrkIII Protein; c-crk Proto-Oncogene Proteins; c-crk-2 Proto-Oncogene Protein; c-crk-3 Proto-Oncogene Protein; c-crk-I Proto-Oncogene Protein; c-crkI Protein; Adapter Protein, CrkII; Crk 1 Protein; Crk 2 Protein; Proteins c-crk, Proto-Oncogene; Proto Oncogene Protein c crk; Proto Oncogene Protein c crk 1; Proto Oncogene Protein c crk 2; Proto Oncogene Protein c crk 3; Proto Oncogene Proteins c crk; Proto-Oncogene Protein, c-crk-2; Proto-Oncogene Protein, c-crk-3; Proto-Oncogene Protein, c-crk-I; Proto-Oncogene Proteins, c-crk; Proto-Oncogene Proteins, crk; c CrkII Protein; c CrkIII Protein; c crk 2 Proto Oncogene Protein; c crk 3 Proto Oncogene Protein; c crk I Proto Oncogene Protein; c crk Proto Oncogene Proteins; c-crk, Proto-Oncogene Protein; c-crk, Proto-Oncogene Proteins; c-crk-1, Proto-Oncogene Protein; c-crk-2, Proto-Oncogene Protein; c-crk-3, Proto-Oncogene Protein; crk Proto Oncogene Proteins; c-crk Protein; crk Proto-Oncogene Proteins
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