E2F4 Transcription Factor

An E2F transcription factor that represses GENETIC TRANSCRIPTION required for CELL CYCLE entry and DNA synthesis. E2F4 recruits chromatin remodeling factors indirectly to target gene PROMOTER REGIONS through RETINOBLASTOMA LIKE PROTEIN P130 and RETINOBLASTOMA LIKE PROTEIN P107.
Also Known As:
E2F Transcription Factor 4 Protein; E2F-4 Protein; E2F-4 Transcription Factor; Transcription Factor E2F-4; E2F 4 Protein; E2F 4 Transcription Factor; E2F-4, Transcription Factor; Transcription Factor E2F 4; Transcription Factor, E2F-4; Transcription Factor, E2F4
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