Transcription Factor DP1

A transcription factor that possesses DNA-binding and E2F-binding domains but lacks a transcriptional activation domain. It is a binding partner for E2F TRANSCRIPTION FACTORS and enhances the DNA binding and transactivation function of the DP-E2F complex.
Also Known As:
DP-1 Transcription Factor; DP1 Protein; DRTF1 Transcription Factor; DRTF1a Transcription Factor; DRTF1b Transcription Factor; DRTF1c Transcription Factor; Dimerization Partner 1 Protein; E2F Dimerization Partner 1; TFDP1 Protein; Transcription Factor DP-1; Transcription Factor DRTF1; DP1, Transcription Factor; DRTF1, Transcription Factor; Factor DP-1, Transcription; Transcription Factor DP 1; Transcription Factor, DP-1; Transcription Factor, DRTF1; Transcription Factor, DRTF1a; Transcription Factor, DRTF1b; Transcription Factor, DRTF1c
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03/04/1993 - "Transcription factor DRTF1/E2F coordinates events in the cell cycle with transcription by its cyclical interactions with important regulators of cellular proliferation like the retinoblastoma tumour-suppressor gene product (Rb) and the Rb-related protein, p107 (refs 1-8). "
11/26/1996 - "Recently, Mdm2 has been found to bind several other proteins that function to regulate cell cycle progression, including the E2F-1/DP1 transcription factor complex and the retinoblastoma tumor-suppressor protein. "
04/20/1995 - "The cellular transcription factor DRTF1/E2F is implicated in the control of cellular proliferation due to its interaction with key regulators of cell cycle progression, such as the retinoblastoma tumour suppressor gene product, cyclins and cyclin-dependent kinases. "
11/01/1993 - "It is widely believed that the cellular transcription factor DRTF1/E2F integrates cell cycle events with the transcription apparatus because during cell cycle progression in mammalian cells it interacts with molecules that are important regulators of cellular proliferation, such as the retinoblastoma tumour suppressor gene product (pRb), p107, cyclins and cyclin-dependent kinases. "
07/01/1992 - "The retinoblastoma (Rb) gene product forms a complex with the cellular transcription factor DRTF1, a property assumed to be important for mediating negative growth control because certain viral oncogenes, such as adenovirus E1a, prevent this interaction and mutant Rb alleles, which have lost the capacity to regulate growth, encode proteins that fail to associate with DRTF1. "
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