Proprotein Convertase 5

A serine endopeptidase found primarily in the EXTRACELLULAR MATRIX. It has specificity for cleavage of a variety of substrates including PRORENIN, pro-membrane type-1 matrix metalloproteinase, and NEURAL CELL ADHESION MOLECULE L1.
Also Known As:
Endoprotease PC6; PC5 Proprotein Convertase; PC5 Protein; PC5A Proprotein Convertase; PC5B Preprotein Convertase; PC6 Endoprotease; PC6 Protein; PC6A Proprotein Convertase; Prohormone Convertase PC-6; Prohormone Convertase PC5; Prohormone Convertase-6; SPC6; 5, Proprotein Convertase; Convertase 5, Proprotein; Convertase PC-6, Prohormone; Convertase PC5, Prohormone; Convertase, PC5 Prohormone; Convertase, PC5 Proprotein; Convertase, PC5A Proprotein; Convertase, PC5B Preprotein; Convertase, PC6A Proprotein; Convertase-6, Prohormone; Endoprotease, PC6; PC5 Prohormone Convertase; Preprotein Convertase, PC5B; Prohormone Convertase 6; Prohormone Convertase PC 6; Proprotein Convertase, PC5; Proprotein Convertase, PC5A; Proprotein Convertase, PC6A; Prohormone Convertase, PC5
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