Matrix Attachment Regions

Regions of the CHROMATIN or DNA that bind to the NUCLEAR MATRIX. They are found in INTERGENIC DNA, especially flanking the 5' ends of genes or clusters of genes. Many of the regions that have been isolated contain a bipartite sequence motif called the MAR/SAR recognition signature sequence that binds to MATRIX ATTACHMENT REGION BINDING PROTEINS.
Also Known As:
MAR Elements; MAR/SAR Elements; MAR/SARs; MARs/SARs; Matrix-Attached Regions; SAR Elements; SAR/MAR Elements; Scaffold-Attached Regions; Element, MAR; Element, MAR/SAR; Element, SAR; Element, SAR/MAR; Elements, MAR; Elements, MAR/SAR; Elements, SAR; Elements, SAR/MAR; MAR Element; MAR/SAR; MAR/SAR Element; MRS Sequences; Matrix Attached Regions; Matrix Attachment Region; Matrix-Attached Region; Region, Matrix Attachment; Region, Matrix-Attached; Region, Scaffold Attachment; Region, Scaffold-Attached; Regions, Matrix Attachment; Regions, Matrix-Attached; Regions, Scaffold Attachment; Regions, Scaffold-Attached; SAR Element; SAR/MAR Element; Scaffold Attached Regions; Scaffold Attachment Region; Scaffold-Attached Region; Sequences, MRS; MAR/SAR Recognition Signature Sequence; MRS Sequence; Scaffold Attachment Regions
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