Type 2 Galanin Receptor

A galanin receptor subtype with broad specificity for full length GALANIN, galanin peptide fragments and GALANIN-LIKE PEPTIDE.
Also Known As:
Receptor, Galanin, Type 2; GALR2 Galanin Receptor; Galanin-2 Receptor; Galanin 2 Receptor; Galanin Receptor, GALR2; Receptor 2, Galanin; Receptor, GALR2 Galanin; Receptor, Galanin-2; Galanin Receptor 2
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04/05/2012 - "These results imply that galanin acts through receptor 1, but not galanin receptor 2, to exert analgesic effect in diabetic neuropathic pain and is one of the potential therapeutic targets on diabetic neuropathic pain sensitization."
01/01/2012 - "Here, we summarise the recent work supporting the role of peripherally expressed galanin with particular reference to the dual actions of the galanin receptor 2 in neuropathic pain highlighting this as a potential target analgesic."
01/01/2011 - "In the present study we investigated the effects of direct administration into the receptive field of galanin and the galanin receptor-2/3-agonist Gal2-11 on nociceptive primary afferent mechanical responses in intact rats and mice and in the partial saphenous nerve injury (PSNI) model of neuropathic pain. "
04/05/2012 - "The effects of galanin, galanin receptor antagonist M35, galanin receptor 1 agonist M617, and galanin receptor 2 agonist AR-M1896 on neuropathic pain were evaluated by mechanical stimuli. "
04/05/2012 - "The results showed that (1) the diabetic rats showed a significant mechanical hyperalgesia between 4 and 12weeks; (2) galanin receptor 1 expression decreased in SDH in diabetic rats; (3) galanin receptor 2 expression decreased in DRG and SDH in diabetic rats; (4) intrathecal administration of exogenous galanin attenuated diabetic neuropathic pain, this effect could be blocked by pre-treatment with galanin receptor antagonist M35; and (5) intrathecal administration of galanin receptor 1 agonist M617, but not galanin receptor 2 agonist AR-M1896, attenuated diabetic neuropathic pain. "
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3. Neoplasms (Cancer)
4. Hyperalgesia
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